This dashboard is maintained on behalf of the Ministry of Health EOC by META/School of Public Health. Its primary objective is to support the EOC in monitoring the response to the virtual elimination of mother to child transmission of HIV (eMTCT).

The primary audience for this website are the Option B+ stakeholders, which are the Ministry of Health, the 112 Ugandan districts, the health facilities that provide Option B+ services, the implementing partners that support districts, and the national stakeholders and health development partners, most notably USG/PEPFAR (through CDC, USAID, DOD and the American Embassy).

The dashboard is designed to make as much data available as possible, and to induce action based on the data. Data can be viewed from different perspectives, such as national, a particular district or an IP. The primary data source  is the Option B+ Weekly Reporting. Data is made available through reports, which can be downloaded by the end user, in many cases the datasets can also be downloaded for further analysis.

For any questions, please contact either the Programme Manager PMTCT at the Ministry of Health, or the META project at the School of Public Health.