Many pages on this website are in fact online reports that show live data. Here are a few things that you should know:

Input parameters

  • Some of the reports may require one or more input parameters. When this is the case, you should first select the parameters, and then click the Apply button. Common parameters are week number, district or IP. In case of the last one, you are advised to select either a district or an IP, but not both.

Exporting to PDF and to a dataset

  • All reports can be exported to PDF. This is highly recommended before printing. To export a report to PDF, click the Export button, and select PDF.
  • For most reports, you can retrieve the dataset for further anlysis. This is done by clicking the Export button, and then selecting CSV. Do not select Excel, as this will include formatting, and may create more work for you to analyse the data.

Delay in reporting

  • There is a delay of a maximum of 15 minutes between when the data is submitted and when the data shows up in the reports. Data gets refreshed every 15 minutes, starting from the top of the hour. Data is pre-analysed for you, so that you can retrieve it faster.