Strategic Information App

BPlus Tracker / Strategic Information (SI) is a mobile application that supports programme managers, district health officers, implementing partners and other stakeholders to track the progress of PMTCT OptionB+ programme in Uganda.

Additional programmes

The app shows pilot data from a few sampled facilities for the following programmes

  • Retention
  • Pediatric 

Where to download the app

The application can be downloaded free from both Apple store and Android Google Play

New Features

  • View B+ reporting rate
  • Pediatric 
  • View Stock-out of ARVs and Tests 
  • Filter data by National, district and Implementing partner 
  • View facilities that have reported and not reported 
  • View the last five (5) submitted B+ weekly report for a facility 
  • Direct call a facility that has not reported 
  • View Retention data received from the piloted sites 
  • View Pediatric data received from the piloted sites 

Coming Soon

  • Downloading option for the B+ weekly reports
  • Notification alert for any reported stock-out of commodities

Contact us

For any feedback about the app, write to