IPs are expected to create users in DHIS2 to enable them to report. You will need to create one user per facility that is to report using SMSAt a minimum, you will need to provide:

  • A user name – you are advised to use a username that is firstnamelastname, e.g. angelanamubiru. If the name is already taken, add a digit, e.g. angelanamubiru2.
  • A password – remember a password must contain a capital letter and a digit
  • A phone number
Although DHIS2 requires you to create a username and password, you do not need to share this with the end user if they report via SMS. DHIS2 will match the user based on the phone number.

How to create a user

  • Log in to www.dhis2sms.ug
  • Click on User by Organisation Unit 
  • Click on the Add New button. 
  • Enter New User details like User name, Password, Confirm password, Surname, First name and Email in new user’s option tabs. 
  • Enter the phone number of the user, starting with 256 (2567xxxxxxxxx), without the + sign. Note: if you do not enter the correct format, DHIS2 will not accept the messages correctly.
  • Add the user to the correct organisational unit. Only assign the user to a single organisational unit (health facility). Note: if you assign the user to more than one health facility, DHIS2 will not accept the message correctly, as it won't know for which facility the user is reporting.
  • Click on Add button for confirmation of new user details and follow the user error while creation of new user.