Option B+ Weekly Reporting enables health workers to send 9 indicators via SMS, without any cost for the end user. The message needs to be formatted in a special way, as explained on this page.

When should messages be sent?

  • A week runs from Monday to Sunday
  • You should send the message for the previous week by Monday the next week

Who should send the message?

  • Every health worker will be assigned to a single health facility through their phone number. No health worker can report for more than one facility.
  • The phone number decides for which health facility the user is reporting. It is not possible to report on behalf of another user via SMS.

Where should the messages be sent?

  • You will send the message to 6767. This is a toll-free number. The end-user will not be charged, and does not need to load any airtime.

What should I put in the message?

  • This page has a download that describes the procedure in more detail.

What if I made a mistake?

  • If you made a mistake or want to submit a correction, send a new message with only the indicator that you wish to correct, i.e. you do need to resend the entire message, just the new indicator. This is also true if you receive a message that one indicator was not correctly submitted. It is enough to just send that one indicator. Remember that you must send the corrections in the same week!