Updated: 30 June 2014

In order to provide a more comlete picutre about eMTCT efforts in the country, this website has incorporated data from CPHL about EID testing. There are few things you should know about the EID data on this website:

  • CPHL publishes EID data on regular intervals, it is added to this website on a weekly basis
  • The data that CPHL publishes is for the entire month, and not for a week. Therefore, the dashboard shows a cumulative total for all EID tests carried out this month so far
  • All reports until May 2014 inclusive include both 1st and 2nd PCR tests. From June 2014 onwards, the reports only contain 1st PCR tests.

Detailed EID data

As of today, you will also be able to find detailed EID data per facility, via report 119. This report is accessible throught the front page, or click here.

About the EID data

EID data is obtained directly from CPHL, and presented as-is. Any questions about specific numbers should be directed to CPHL Uganda.